Emergency Standby Gen swap??

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Regarding the below listed system. We are having problems with our propane supplier and may have to shut down the big Gen until we can get a delivery.

I have a Onan Portable Gas Generator (P5450e) 5400 peak watts/5000 Running watts. It has a 240 volt 30A plug. If I wire it in in place of the big propane generator will it supply enough for the system to charge the batteries? I can minimize the loads, to critical only, during the charging period but I am worried that the inverters might draw to much during charging.

Looking for advice.

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    Re: Emergency Standby Gen swap??

    Not being familiar with the outback configurations, do their inverters have AC line chargers in them ?

    whats the capacity of an individual HAWKER battery?

    Often, the charger can be set to limit the draw from the AC source. If you have a 5KW gen, you need to limit to the sustained output from the genset (read specs, some call a 5KW peak, 4KW sustained) to what the genset can power for long term.

    Give us more info so we don't have to look everything up. What do batteries pull from LP genset currently?
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    Re: Emergency Standby Gen swap??

    Be sure to re-programme the Outback Mate's maximum AC current setting so it doesn't exceed the gen's output capacity. Then it will put in the max available to the batteries minus whatever load is on.
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    Re: Emergency Standby Gen swap??

    What AH are your batteries ? What "critical" loads do you need to have running at the same time ?

    Have a good one
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    Re: Emergency Standby Gen swap??

    The Mate was the solution. Just adjust the programming to the generator size and I am good to go. Thank you for the help.

    p.s. here are the specs for the portable I may have to use:
    AC rated output 5 kW
    AC max output 5.5 kW
    AC Voltage 120 V/240 V
    AC frequency 60 Hz
    120 V AC rated amperage - Rated/max 41.6 A/45.8 A
    240 V AC rated amperage - Rated/max 20.8 A/ 22.9 A

    DC voltage 12 V
    DC amperage 8.3 A
    Engine displacement 389 cc
    Engine horsepower 13
    Fuel tank capacity 6.5 Gal/24.6 L