Inverter charger question?

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Is it better to go with an inverter that has the charging capability or with a separate charger?


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    Re: Inverter charger question?

    In my opinion the built-in is a much better way to go.
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    Re: Inverter charger question?

    I am a firm believer that all things will fail. With that said, look at separate inverter and charger.

    Plus, you can upgrade each piece at different times.

    Now if you are limited on space, then a inverter/charger will be the way to go.
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    Re: Inverter charger question?

    If you can, look for a charger with remote battery temperature sensor--of any type/configuration.

    Also, if you are running off a genset--look for a charger with Power Factor Correction on the AC input (PFC). Not real common, but they are out there.

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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    Re: Inverter charger question?

    actually it doesn't really matter as long as you have what you need and you've weighed any cost/performances between both ways.
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    Re: Inverter charger question?

    It really a good question though....One I've considered more than a couple of times. With a LARGE battery bank, is the built in charger enough or JUST enough to do the job? If'n I go AGM, wouldn't I want the larger of the choices?

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    Re: Inverter charger question?

    what do you mean by the larger of the 2 choices, amps? my answer broadly covered performance, but if one has agms there isn't a requirement that you would need more amps even though it is capable of more. agms broaden the usable input charge range over standard lead acids. now if for instance you have an inverter with the battery charger built-in and it outputs 100a, but you have 500a of standard lead acid batteries rated for up to 13% rate of charge, then you probably would want a smaller charger and that inverter may not be right for you with that 20% rate of charge. that 100a would be fine with 500ah of agms imho. now many standard lead acids may be capable of a 20% rate of charge (check with manufacturer), but will have increased maintenance due to high boiling of the electrolyte.
    lots of variables, but my point in my previous post was if it works it's fine either way and that's the big thing is if it works for you. it may or may not cost more too going seperate as you may get a deal on the inverter and opt for a standalone charger to go with it. the question really shouldn't be builtin in or separate, but does it work the way you need it to and go that way. if it works for you either way then weigh the costs as the deciding factor.
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    Re: Inverter charger question?

    There I go again, typing without thinking enough. I've come to understand that the AGM's will simply take a larger output charging than will flooded.

    I've had both the built-in, and stand alone in the past and I much prefer the simpler built-in charger. Agreeing with you.....if it ain't broke don't fix it.
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    Re: Inverter charger question?

    I have a Samlex S-2024A invercharger, (for offgrid use only) whan I first got it, I couldn't charge my battery bank, later I found out that the frecuency was too high (63.9 hz.) and I had to reduce the rpm so the invercharger can go on charging mode while using the generator, after this problem got fix, I;m happy with it, the efficiency is to the best on the market (about 86.) but for the price is very good, 2000w cont. pure sine @ 749.00 shipping included, Samlex has the 3000w. cont. for just a little over $1000.00. it has a remote receptacle included, both inverchargers with deep switches for 2 pre-set float charging modes.

    P.S. Samlex has a very good costumer service.

    good luck. ;)

    P.S. sorry I miss that you sys. is a 48v. and on this voltage is not available.
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    Re: Inverter charger question?

    One advantage with a sinewave syncronous inverter/charger is its ability to set the gen input to a maximum draw based on generator size then it automatically distribute the generator output between charging the battery and supplying the AC output load.

    If AC load increases, the inverter/charger just backs down on battery charge current to avoid overloading the generator.

    Inverter/charger can even add the inverter output to generator output to get more peak power then either of the two by themselves.
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