Info about Dominion power grid tie annual review and meter reference point

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A little info for those of you in Dominion power areas regarding grid tie accounting and meter reference points.

Fairfax County, VA minimum grid tie cost is $7. $6.50 distribution charge and $0.50 County tax. Small price to pay to use the grid as my storage battery for 10 months of the year.

The annual review of total purchased/pulled versus sold/pushed power happens about the same time as your system received the permission to operate. This is when they readjust your meter reading on your bill. Ours happened mid-billing cycle. So if you sold more power than used at that date, the meter reading becomes the new reference point for that billing cycle. It's also when they will pay you for any negative amount on your meter. It's a single point in time once a year where they will give you a check for net power sold to them.

Now if you don't have a repurchase agreement, you get no check. (That would be our case) it's optional to have a repurchase agreement. You don't need one if your review date is when you are positive on your meter. Ours is in April when the meter is negative so we need to get an agreement. It won't be much, maybe $40 or so in our case. 

We have considerable shading with our 9000W system. Instead of an annual electric bill of $2200, it's now about $200. We generate more power than we use from mid-February to September. October and November use up the negative on our meter so in December we have billable usage of about $40.

Hope this info gives people an idea of how net metering works in Virginia with Dominion power.

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    Hang on tight!
    Seems to be going up everywhere, perhaps you have a long-term agreement or possibility of one sign up.

    Trend is away from 'net metering', Florida has a $30 minimum bill, California just went to a .08 per kWh received....

    I never had a chance as a minimal user, Local cost is $39 a month, for the privilege of buying electric at 12 cents a kWh... I went off grid.
    Home system 4000 watt (Evergreen) array standing, with 2 Midnite Classic Lites,  Midnite E-panel, Magnum MS4024, Prosine 1800(now backup) and Exeltech 1100(former, 660 ah 24v Forklift battery(now 10 years old). Off grid for 20 years (if I include 8 months on a bicycle).
    - Assorted other systems, pieces and to many panels in the closet to not do more projects.
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    Price per kwhr charges can be deceiving.  My last bill was for 244kwhrs.  A mix of off peak, mid peak and on peak.  The total charge for electricity  was $23.56, not bad.  The Delivery charge for same was $58.74, Regulatory charge of $1.29.  So I'm told my kwhr charge is $x and to get it to me is over 2x that amount. 

    Not that I don't appreciate getting it delivered, it's easier than going to the electric store and bringing home 2 bags of electricity for the month.
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    We now have a signed Net Metering power purchase agreement with Dominion Energy. The agreed upon rate is based on the "PJM Interconnection, L.L.C. (PJM) DOMZONE day-ahead annual simple average locational marginal price (LMP)". That value can be found here: (Chart below)  Last year, it would have been worth $7.61. Woohoo (underwelmed)! That pays my minimum grid charge for one month.

    I've also been keeping track of our average total cost per Kwh for the year. 2019: 11.3cents, 2020: 12.5cents, 2021: 13.2cents, 2022: 12.6cents

    9000+W grid tied IQ7 22 panel rooftop and 6 panel ground combination with 1 additional IQ7 connected to 500W wind turbine+200w solar 
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