Questions About Panel Sizes

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I have found some affordable Canadian Solar 360W panels and have some questions. 

The panel specs are as follows:

360 Watts
Vmp 39.6
Voc 47.0
Imp 9.10
Isc 9.67
max series fuse 30A

Ive considered smaller panels wired in series/parallel strings to obtain roughly a 700-800 watt array to charge my 12v battery bank but have found it seems there are some more affordable options with larger panels. 

The array will connect to a mmpt cc with the following specs using mc4 4mm^2 wiring:

MMPT CC 12V specs:
rated current 50A
Nominal PV 700w
Voc max 100v
Isc max 60a

Id like to buy 2 of these panels and have them wired in series pretty much maxing out the cc capabilities regarding Voc and nominal PV:


Overall Im just curious if the higher voltage panels are ok to use as Im used to 12v panels currently and have a 12v battery bank. 

Thanks for your time 


  • Dave Angelini
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    Quick answer is you are too close in voltage for the second panel. Do not use it!

    The easy question is have you ever picked up a 700+ watt solar panel ?
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    JYanke said:
    MMPT CC 12V specs:
    rated current 50A
    Nominal PV 700w
    Voc max 100v
    Isc max 60a
    So I'm curious about these specs, seem odd!

    These are specs for a Charge Controller? Could you tell us what controller?

    The VOC as an input is understood and as Dave said the panels in series is too close at 94 volts for all but very warm climates, VOC can rise when panels are cold.

    The confusion for me is the rated current of 50 amps, is that input?
    So perhaps the 60amps is output? but output would never be ISC...

    Either way, you can likely use the panels in parallel.

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  • JYanke
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    The charge controller is a Victron Smart Solar MPPT 100/50

    I apologize, I meant to type the “rated charge current” is 50A

    The data sheet is attached