PWM shows higher voltage reading

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Hello all! Newbie here.. I have just recently installed a basic dc system at home using 4pcs 30wp panels in parallel,  64ah lead acid batteries in parallel (2pcs 20ah, 2pcs 12.5ah). My concern is the pwm semper brand i used.. It shows a higher reading by 6volts when charging on peak hours and the same thing even at night when in standby. We just use our system for basic things like cp charging, occassional wifi,cctv and small fan, all in dc 12volts. With the given problem withmy scc, where can i base my float charge, with the scc w/c is off by 6volts higher than actual on the battery, or do i just refer to tha batteries actual voltage reading from a multi tester and just adjust the float charge level on the scc so my batteries show 13.5volts for float charge? 


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    6 tenths of a volt is not very much. You can't expect any kind of accuracy from a < $10.00 controller.

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    Not a good practice to parallel 2 different type size, or type batteries;

    boyet888 said:
    "... 64ah lead acid batteries in parallel (2pcs 20ah, 2pcs 12.5ah). 
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