Recommendations to monitor individual batteries on my 90 kWh AGM Battery Bank

bryhan67bryhan67 Registered Users Posts: 19 ✭✭
Can anyone recommend a good battery monitor system that can track the voltage from each individual battery? I have a 48V system that has 24 batteries at 2v each. Model is EnerSys PowerSafe DDm100-33 UPS Each of my batteries is about 290lbs.  That about 7,000 pounds of battery bank.  I would love to be able to view it on my computer and have data logging. My objective is to spot any problem batteries over time. Trying to keep the cost down to a few hundred bucks. I know there are good expensive monitors looking for something less expensive. I dont need to charge them individual but it would be a nice option.

I wonder if a BMS for LiFePo4 would work if I change the parameters to make max voltage 2.32. Maybe it could also help balance them once its fully charged. 

Also I have had no luck in finding a high amp 2v charger. my max voltage is 2.32v.  Any ideas how to bring up the voltage in one battery?

Anyone here using 2V batteries on their off grid system?

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