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My HOA has asked for a "solar reflective report" before they will approve my planned ground mounted solar panels,  I have searched online and have not found any reference to a solar reflective report.  Or how to obtain one.  All I have found is that solar panels typically do not reflect sunlight.  Rather they absorb sunlight.
Anybody know where to get a solar reflective report.?


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    FWIW - It sounds like a HOA that doesn't want solar and basically requiring Tesla roof tiles which are textured. Most panels do have some anti reflective coating, the reason using windshield cleaning solution voids warranties.

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    - Assorted other systems, pieces and to many panels in the closet to not do more projects.
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    I sent an email off to the contact for the HOA's architectural committee.  I was then contacted by email from the HOA's inspector for construction projects.  He said he would come out to my property but never showed.  The HOA is not against solar.  According to their owner's handbook all they want is a plot plan showing the location of the panels.  Which I had given them.  The HOA's inspector in his email told me that they had received a couple of complaints regarding ground mounted solar panels in another part of the project where the homes are built on hillsides.  His email was kind of sheepish like they had been caught with an unreasonable demand and didn't know what to do.  I had asked if they knew where I could obtain the report they were requesting.  No response.

    Since the panels will not be visible after I get my yard fenced and my next door neighbor who is the only neighbor that could see the panels has no objection to the panels I think that I will install them after the fence is built. 
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