What a spring season....

JRHillJRHill Registered Users Posts: 98 ✭✭
With some places experiencing extreme heat others are having the other extreme. Not far from the Columbia in south central WA the rain just keeps coming and coming and we are in the rain shadow. We've exceeded the annual rainfall at the beginning of the month. It's reached 80f once this year. And I can't break out of winter generator season. Like today we've gotten whole 0.6kwh (its noon). Never have we had this craziness in the time I've lived here.
Two systems: 1) 2925w panels, OB VFXR3648, FM80, FNDC, Mate3s, 240 xformer, four SimpliPHI 3.8; 2) 780w, Morningstar 30a, Grundfos switch, controller and AC/DC pump, 8 T105. Honda EU7000is w/AGS. Champion 3100. Miller Bobcat.
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