MT50 with Two Controllers

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I have two solar systems feeding one 12v lithium 200a/h battery.  can I successfully use one MT50 to monitor the battery?
Mainly what I want to do is know the SOC (how much more power is left).  I think with one MT50 on one controller I will not know the power coming in from the other controller. so SOC will be unknown.  What or how do I monitor SOC?

I have 200 watts 24 volts solar into an Epever charge controller - times two (two identical panel/controller systems feeding into the battery).


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    You need a shunt based monitor to count all current going into AND out of your battery. There's Bogart Trimetric, Victron and others. Without a shunt it's hard to judge the state of charge based on voltage alone.

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    As LittleHarbor says... Shunt based battery monitors--You can get some nice ones from our host:

    And if you want to try something less expensive, there are a surprising number of battery monitors in Amazon and other places:

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