Cooling Fans inconsistent

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Hi all, new here. 
I have a Conext SW 4048 120/240 Split Phase (865-4048) and it seems to be working well, but the internal cooling fans are constantly turning on and off and moving at different RPMs, sometimes during the day, but especially at night.  Seems like something is wrong.  It just seems like either the fans should be on, or not.  Instead they cycle on and off randomly at different speeds...


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    I have four old original Trace units and one is doing the same thing.  I think one of the temp sensor thermistors is drifting.  It never throws a high temp alarm and the fan still turns on when there is actual heavy load on the inverter, so I have not been motivated enough to tear inside unit to further investigate issue.

    If the air coming out the side is fairly warm, when fan is on but no significant load on inverter, I would be concerned.

    You might give Conext a call just to hear what they say about it.  I would like to hear their response.
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    I appreciate the response.  As soon as I get some info from them I'll be sure to post the info I get.  The air coming out has never been very warm.  We tend to not put much strain on the system.  Only time there is much load is when we are pumping water from the well, even then it's only for about 15 min at a time, max 10 amps. 
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