Under Panel Wiring, and Down the House Conduit Concerns

I have an 11.8 kW system that is finally getting turned on tomorrow, but I have some concerns with the wiring on the roof under the panels.

Photos, including the roof section of conduit.

Essentially it seems like the wires for the power optimizers were loosely zip tied in loops, with them hanging down onto the roof in some spots. I have emailed the installer requesting they come out to tighten these up.

There are 33 350w Seraphim S3 panels, connected to SolarEdge power optimizers, if that makes a difference.

I posted this to reddit and was told that the conduit coming own the house from the roof is not up to code. The conduit is PVC, specifically Cantex Schedule 40, non-metallic PVC. On reddit I was told this does not comply with the 2020 revision of NEC 690.31(D). That conduit should be metal, since it carries all of the power from the panels down, so it should be protected better. I drove around to look at 3 other nearby solar installs, and all had metal conduit in that section.

Here is the rest of the install if anyone is curious, including the roof to inverter section of conduit that might not be to code.

Is there anything else I should look closer at? Are the commenters correct that this is not up to code? I am losing confidence in the install now that I have two issues that should have been complied with from the start.

The odd part is this has been inspected by the city twice, and the fire marshall once, passing inspection every time.


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    I see we frequent the same forums.  You have lax inspectors they should have insisted the wiring be properly supported under the solar modules. 
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    Check to see if the zip ties are plastic or coated stainless steel. Plastic zip ties will fail from uv over time.   SS zip ties should last indefinitely. 
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