Tracer 3210AN

I have 3 solar panel with:
320 w,
Voc 44.87V,
Isc 9.32A,
Vmp 37.08V,
Imp 8.36A
And a mppt TRACER 3210 AN.
Can i connect the in series or parallel??


  • fratermusfratermus Registered Users Posts: 48 ✭✭
    The 10 in 3210AN signifies it is a 100v controller.  Note that according to page 9 of the manual the 100v rating is at "minimum operating temperature" (presumably -25C according to page 25), and at +25C it is rated at 92v. 

    In series the panels would have a Voc of 134.61v.  It is common to include 20% margin which would be 161.5v, way more than the 92v/100v the controller is rated for.  I would run them in parallel or trade in for a 200v controller.

    Digression:  I assume the battery bank is 24v, or the controller would be brutally overpaneled.

  • faresfares Registered Users Posts: 2
    OK Thanks. Is there any controller do you suggest?
  • fratermusfratermus Registered Users Posts: 48 ✭✭
    I've never bought  200v controller.  I know epever (same brand you have) makes some, and Victron, etc.
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