Paring different charge controllers…

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My original 300w solar system (4 panels) is tied to a MPPT single stage controller…A couple years later I added another 140w, lower voltage panels (2) but this time simply used the Truck campers OEM thru the rooftop #10AWG wiring (because of lack of MPPT controller headroom) and a 3 stage PWM (cheapo) controller…What I found was that the two different controllers tended to be fighting each other, resulting in little solar improvement….After this, I then switched out the cheapo PWM controller with a simple 12a single stage PWM (with an adjustable voltage pot), and it paired perfectly with the former MPPT controller…However, I’m now adding an additional 120w panel to the PWM system, so will need to upgrade the PWM controller with a higher amperage unit, again with adjustable pot…

Based on my previous remedy, I’m not anticipating a repeat of the aforementioned problem, but am a bit curious if others might have ran into this issue??



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    No problem.  it just takes some fine tuning to get the voltages matched/tweaked between all the units
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