NIckel Iron Batteries

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These batteries are great, I just didn't size them correctly when I built the system.
We finished building our house 3 years ago, completely off grid.  9 months out of 
the year the system is awesome.  Winter time, we just don't quite make it through the night,
especially if the previous day had limited sunlight.
So after trying Craigslist, Nextdoor etc. If the moderators don't mind I'll post them here for sale.
These are Iron Edison 48 Volt, 300 AH batteries.  1.2 Volts each, 40 batteries total.  Each battery weighs 48 lbs.
System would come complete with the Iron Edison battery rack, all the bus bars, interconnect cables and a water deionizer system.
New the complete system is about 14k.  Would like to get 9k, but I'd be open to reasonable offers.
Located in the Reno area.



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    Posting personal solar stuff for sale is fine...

    Suggest using private "messages" to exchange pricing and contact information. (click on poster's name, next page, upper right "message" button).

    -Bill "moderator" B.
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