Inverter schematics

Does anyone have schematics for Aims/sungold/signeer 6000w inverters. These companies are non-cooperative when it comes to post sale customer support. I have a couple of ideas that would make the units more user friendly in the solar arena.


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    I don't have one but someone could trace out a schematic if they had some motivation to do that.

    Did you get a sense of its topology by opening it up and looking at it ?


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    Here is so far. Unfortunately I used the tractor bucket to place the inverter. The rest would be step ladder work. Should anyone want to help out, feel free.
    Not that I EVER make mistakes, feel free to check my work.  12/23 edited schematic found my mistake.
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    The psuedo schematic should go something like this for low freq (heavy transformer) inverters.  When there is separate grid and gen AC inputs there is two relays to select which AC input source is selected, but only one is selected and grid usually has first choice priority.

    Only time input neutral can be connected is if there is two low freq transformers, essentially being two 120 vac inverters in series.  This is why many 240/120v LF split phase hybrid inverters require 240vac generator and will not work with a 120vac only generator.

    This limits the 120vac loads to what the inverter transformer is capable of even in ACin support mode but this is usually not a problem as 240vac loads are not limited by transformer in ACin support mode.  The ACin connect relay current rating does limit the ACin support mode maximum current from ACin.

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    RC in FLA  Nice background for a beginner. I am looking for specifics as in my original post. I can not use your post to suggest a rewire of the local switch, the remote and sw5 where they connect to the control board for a functional improvement.