Flooded vs Lithium Iron

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Am somewhat in a quandary as to purchasing flooded lead-acid vs lithium iron. As indicated in a previous post, want to be running an energy-star-rated fridge that consumes 449 kWh per year, 1230 watts per day, no other draw other than a few led lights. Charging capabilities will be 2- 340 watt panels, in addition to 1 -235 watt panel, also a standby generator/charger unit.
So what might be the best route to go?
Purchase four 6 volt, flooded lead-acid, 430 amp-hours each battery, a total of 1720 amp hours, taking into account the DOD of 50% {860 amp hours} vs Three 200 amp-hour lithium iron batteries total 600 amp-hours with a DOD of 90% {540 amp hours}. Also, factoring in the rate of recharge for either. Eagerly awaiting a response.


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    Need to work on the math, the 4 6 volt 430 ah batteries, in series? build a 24 volt 430 ah battery bank of 24voltsx430amps=10,320 watt hour battery bank.

    Don't know the voltage of the lithium batteries so can't know the storage of them.

    In the end if you can't be sure to keep the lithium above 35-40 degrees, I wouldn't consider them.
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    Forgot to mention in the original post. All 12 volt and all in parallel, both Flooded Lead Acid & Lithium Iron.
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