Cracked solar panel..fixable?

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I have 1 small solar panel that is cracked but still working. Can i put 100% silicon on the cracks to prevent moisturizer from getting in it? Its not worth putting more money into so hopefully i can find a cheap remedy. It is a amorphous panel.


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    amorphous panels have a 2-5 year lifetime.   Is it worth a tube of silicon  ( which will only slow down water vapor )  ?
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    I understand the lifetime part. But i have a tube of silicon right next to me. If it would make it last longer i want to use.
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    Is this panel in series/parallel with the rest of your array? Or on its own.

    If the panel is on its own--Why not--But as Mike says, don't expect much (first few rains, it will probably degrade).

    If this panel is in series/parallel with the rest of your 400 Watt+ array, then I would suggest taking it out if there is any chance of a series issue if the panel smokes or catches fire...

    It is always a guessing game/throw of the dice what will happen. Most likely, it will stop working. The chances that a catastrophic failure (smoke the wiring, catch fire) is a more remote chance... But if it is part part of a larger array, the risks are greater.

    The larger the array, the greater the risks.

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    For the last 2 years i have been monitoring 2 of my broken panels.

    We are at present a ‘Independent non-commercial Sustainability & Renewable Energy Project’, and been doing the research and development for over 20 years now.   And NO, we do not just throw money at this stuff, and if necessary, we will re-invent the wheel if it works out more cost effective.   Our Mantra ..... Keep it Simple, Make it Robust, and keep it Cost Effective.

    We have 61 large panels, ie above 1 meter wide and 1.6m long, with differing manufacturers over the past 20 years rom 'Panasonic, Sharpe', down to base quality like 'Knive'.  And the failure rate due to manufacturing faults is actually very good, which was surprising.

    We started with Amorphous silicone panels in about 1998, and today the latest Monocrystalline 120 cell panels are getting more and more efficient in all illumination conditions.

    There is conflicting info out there on PV panels and solutions when they get broken, but sadly most is just 'here say' with little actual in the field empirical evidence and alot of 'armchair waffling'.

    So Here is our present understanding on cracked and broken panels.     Leslie Bryan Microengineering (

    If this happens to the rear of the panel and under the vacuum film, then the panel requires urgent attention if it is installed on a building or any other possible flammable surroundings.

    This is a manufacturing fault to just one cell.  But as you can see its getting hot and burnt through the backing film and shattered the glass.

    I trust this information is helpfull.

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