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Regarding in construction matter do we really need a professional or we can simply call a friend who knows to do it?


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    Depends on you location and requirements.

    I did all my own and never had anyone check it back in 2003-4, It ran fine, had some minor inconsistencies with the near non existent code.

    I built my current system in 2012, pretty much to code, I did have a Master electrician look over it afterward and mostly I had to explain where things where going and doing. He had never done a Solar install and DC was foreign to him. 

    Both of these and a couple others I've done were in rural Missouri with no inspection required. I may have an inspection done or have the master electrician 'sign off' on it if I ever need that for insurance reasons.

    Some places will require an inspection for off grid installs, some won't and the requirement of some things is by the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) I've seen web site show their UL1741 equipment install improperly, without shrouds for DC wiring, which is my understanding of code. Some AHJ's will extend this requirement to equipment installed outside the home providing electric for the home. It's their call. I think most don't require this.

    Grid tied systems are likely to have several interested parties who you should contact and ask what they would lke;
    The insurer 
    The Power company
    The AHJ

    Some will only need to see that the inverter (if a central inverter) is UL1741, That is the case here, the inspection doesn't to to the panels and wiring at least for ground mounts. Roof mounts have additional requirements in most paces now, Missouri is one of the few state with no state wide NEC code.

    Might say what type of system you are installing?
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    - Assorted other systems, pieces and to many panels in the closet to not do more projects.
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