achieving Generator "Warm- Up" time using Schneiders older COM Box and AGS???

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Hi there,
Has anyone here ever set up the older Schneider COM Box and AGS Module to effectively allow a "warm up "period on a back up generator before the XW loads the Gen?

I am using wiring method #14 (2 wire start) going to a Dynagen Auto start module mounted on the Gen Skid. I have been through the quick start guide and manual also but cannot find this clearly explained.

Been back and forth with Schneider and so far they are saying that the older COM Box cannot do this but that the newer Gateway will.......
I find it hard to believe that Schneider did not design even the last model of COM Box, before the Gateway, to achieve a Gen warm up setting since unnecessarily loading a cold generator was not a good idea even 5 years ago :)

Hoping someone here has had some experience with this situation and may be able to offer some ideas.
Thanks in advance for any support.


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    I can't help you with this if it is for unattended operation. Too many things to go wrong ! maybe someone else can fill it in.

    My offgrid clients who are home,  just enable or disable the XW charger.  When you shut down the beast disable the charger. The next time you start-up it will be off and no load on genset other than small house loads. When it is warm, enable the charger. You do not need combox, AGS, or Gateway for this.

    There are other ways also but this one is just too easy! You should be able to increase the AC transfer switch time setting depending on which XW you have. I think XW+ can go up to over 5 minutes.
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    I agree, auto start is prone to hazards if you are not completely scrupulous about your generator maintenance.  

    AGS  also know as automatic fire starter
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    I'll have to read up in the XW+ manual re: AC transfer time adj. if there is any. I have seen voltage parameter adj. but don't remember seeing AC qualification or transfer time...... This would also work to achieve the same end........

    The system powers an off grid home full time and will be attended however, customer prefers to have it as automatic as possible thus the AGS. There has got to be a way to let the Gen warm up before it loads.

    As it is now, when the AGS clicks and sends the Dynagen the start signal, it takes approx 60 sec or so until the Gen is loaded. This is just simply the time it takes by default without adjusting anything. Hopefully we can get it figured out without having to replace the COM Box with a newer model.....
    Thanks for any continued insight.....

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    Yes this can be done, but you can’t do it thru the SCP.  You have to do it using the Com Box front end software.  When you get to the AGS settings you have to click on advanced settings.  There are little arrows on the left side which you click on to “drill down” until you find the generator warm up time.  Unfortunately my Com Box died a couple of years ago and have been using the Gateway since - so I can’t tell you exactly which screen it’s on.
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    Hello and thank you for your response. I have been through the AGS setting logged into the COM Box with my laptop but did not see Gen Warm up time anywhere as an option to adjust in advanced options.

    I did however find the "gen warm up cool down" through the AGS/ SCP screen listed as an option under Relay 3, however my relay 3 by default states "not used".

    Also looking through the AGS wiring options 1 to 14 in the quick start manual, I cannot see anywhere listed how to utilize relay 3 (another fused relay) in a wiring method from the AGS to Generator that facilitates a warm up period.???

    I am currently using a 2 wire start, wiring method #14.
    Appreciate anyone out there who can help dig into this with me a little. Not getting much from Schneider as they now are not easily allowing access to level 3 tech support, although I will continue to try.

    Customer really wants an auto start gen that loads warm and not cold......
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