Wind turbine seems to not be charging

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Ok so I am not sure what I’m doing wrong !!!!! It seems like the wind turbine is not charging my batteries

Here is my setup 

I have 4 12v deep cycle 120 hour  marine battery’s , the are connected as follows 

I connected into two pairs both connected 
(+ to - ) 

I then connected the two pairs together 
(- to -) and (+ to +) 

I have both the wind turbine and the inverter connected to the  posts on 

left side (-) right side (+) of the bank of 4 battery’s. 

On the inverter I have a 40 amp inline fuse and on the wind turbine there is a charge controller 

I’ve attached pics for review 


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    You generally need 15-20mph of wind for charging.  Do you have that much wind?
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    More then that much wind on a daily basis , it’s always spinning fast ! Are the windmill inverter and battery’s connected correctly?
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    Can you post more information about the turbine, inverter, and controller (links are fine)?

    You can review this link for the recommended method to connect battery strings in parallel and where to connect your chargers and loads:

    However, the link is recommended to "optimize" charging/discharging of your batteries evenly. It is not the reason you are having charging issues.

    The wire(s) to the 40 Amp fuse holder are may not large enough to be safe (hard to tell from photo). And those type of automotive fuse holders and fuses are not very safe (they can overheat and catch fire even if at 1/2 current). Here is a simplified table of AWG vs Current rating based on the (US) National Electric Code:

    Again, in your case, probably not the reason for charging issues.

    For the wind turbine charge controller, Make sure you have connected the battery bank first to the Controller's Vbatt output. Then connect the turbine second. Some charge controllers can get "confused" it connected to turbine (or solar panels) first, then connected to battery bank (or even damaged). For example, many charge controllers decide if it is a 12/24/48 volt battery bank when connected to the battery terminals first... If connected to the turbine first (and turbine generating electricity), the controller may not know what battery bank voltage to boot/configure with.

    Do you have a voltmeter, or better yet an AC+DC Current Clamp DMM (digital multimeter)? You need to take some voltage measurements, for example, at the input and output of your turbine charge controller... But before that--We need to know the details about your wind system. There may be a +/- pair of leads from wind turbine (then measuring DC voltage > Vbatt). Or there maybe 3 wires with 3 phase AC coming from the turbine to the charge controller. Then need to measure AC voltage (controller internally "rectifies" AC to DC power for output to the battery bank).

    Here are a couple AC+DC Current Clamp meters that could work for your needs (just suggested links for research): (example of low cost meter) (mid priced AC+DC clamp meter)

    Do you have a 24 volt (or 12 volt) Battery charger you can use right now? AC powered, generator, etc.? In general, Lead Acid batteries do not like to sit partially charged for more than a 1/2 day or so--Or they start to "sulfate" and permanently lose capacity. Getting your batteries on charge will help ensure a longer life.

    The AC inverter should not affect the operation of the turbine (charging or not). For now, make sure you AC inverter is turned off (or disconnect + DC wire from inverter's input). You do not want loads on your battery bank potentially taking your batteries "dead" because of lack of charging (an inverter can easily take 10-20+ watts just turned on with zero AC load and kill your bank in a couple days):
    • 20 Watts / 24 VDC = 0.83 Amps inverter Tare losses
    • 200 AH battery bank / 0.83 amps = 240 Hours from full to dead (just AC inverter)
    • 240 hours * 0.25 (100% to 75% State of charge) = 60 Hours (2-3 days) of inverter "on" to needing to recharge your bank
    Cannot really help a lot more until see the specifications and manuals for your equipment.

    Unfortunately, we often get the question "help: my wind turbine is not charging" questions... And many times it is the location of the turbine (to close to ground, up wind trees/buildings are blocking "clean" or laminar wind flow to turbine (turbines cannot harvest energy in "turbulent" airflow). Or simply the turbine+charge controllers do not work because of bad design and other mfg issues.

    When we we see the specs/manuals--And understand what test equipment you have (simple DMM or Current Clamp DMM), we can probably help more.

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