MT Solar top of pole lifting bracket- Anybody have the specs (dimensions) on them?

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I'm ordering MT Solar's top of pole solar array due to the ability to build the rack at waist level and then chain fall it up to the top. There's a lifting bracket that fits into the top of the pole to hang the hoist from. I'm a welder and have a lot of steel plate and square tube laying around, and it looks like a simple fabrication. I'd like to save the $70 + shipping and just build one myself. They're pretty much unneeded once the rack is fastened up top. If anyone has one or has the dimensions/tube sizes, I'd like to have them. The circular plates that sit in and on the top are known, and the lug is easy enough. I'm just curious as to what size and thickness the square tubing sizes are. Thanks for any help on this.  

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