Victron 250/100 History problems

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hi,,im hopping you can help me i have a Victron 250/100 , after the last update its started acting up,, 1 of the probs is the history thing ,it sopost to track every day, but mine starts the day fine but about 1.00 pm it will start a new day , but the day is not dun yet,,, soooo


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    Not sure what you means by "starts a new day", perhaps the battery bank reaches full charge and it cuts back to float stage in the charging cycle?

    Here are the stages of battery charging for lead acid batteries;

    The voltage you are seeing is the system voltage and not the battery voltage. If you are connected to charging or a load it will effect the system voltage.

    During charging, there are basically 3 stages of charging, Bulk, Absorb, and Float.

    First thing when charging starts you will be in bulk, the voltage rises from what ever the system voltage was to a set point, around 14.5 volts. At that point the Charge controller stops the voltage from rising. Higher voltage can damage sealed batteries.

    Once the battery hits the preset point the charge controller keeps it at that point. Your batteries are roughly 80% full. Flooded batteries will start accepting less current at 80-85% full AGM/Sealed may go a little longer before accepting less current.

    On many controllers you can set this point, Some will have different presets for Flooded, and sealed batteries, or flooded, AGM, and sealed batteries. 

    The charge controller has a couple ways to know when to switch to float, Most inexpensive Charge controller are just timed for 1.5-2 hours. Some will also see less current flowing through the charge controller and shut it down when minimal current is flowing through the controller. On more expensive charge controller. You can set battery capacity to give the Controller a better idea of when to stop. you can also set a longer Absorb time. Or set 'end amps' a amount of amps flowing through the charge controller to stop Absorb and switch to the final stage.

    Once the Controller has determined the battery is fully charged it reduces the voltage to a point where very little current is flowing to the battery. This will prevent the battery from over charging and heating up.

    While in 'Float' the charge controller watch for voltage drop, which would indicate a load. If the voltage begins to drop the charge controller will allow as much current to flow from the panels/array to compensate and maintain the voltage. If the voltage can be maintained, the load will in essence be running directly off the array/solar. If the voltage drops below the preset float voltage, the controller may start a whole new cycle if it stays there for a period of time.

    The system voltage drop you see at night when the sun goes down is the charge controller moving into a resting mode with no energy to contribute to the system.

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    its like this pic,, that's todays ,, both are for today about 6'00 it switched sun still out , its made to go per day not 1/2 a day 
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    The high voltage shown is 49 volts. That's definitely not a fully charged battery.

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    littleharbor2  for my set up 48.50 is max,,, for my setup so ya its fine, im just trying to figure out the half day thing,, maybe it restarts half way though the day???
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    Photowhit  maybe it restarts half way though the day???
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