Schneider MPPT 60 150 factory resets on battery disconnect?

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As per title. I have the unit programmed for my LiFePo 48V bank via the SCP thing. Every time I disconnect the battery, the MPPT resets to the settings it had when it arrived - settings that would destroy the battery bank.

I assume this is not by design, but I can't figure out how to make it stop reverting to dangerous settings. Anyone with the same unit had this issue? Is there some tiny battery that needs replacing or similar?


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    How old is the mppt? You are right that if it was programmed correctly it will save the settings. No I have never had this issue and no there is not a battery, in 100's of these.

     You are saving the settings each time you change something by hitting enter correct. The mppt has it's own GUI, if you select the custom battery menu there, and hit enter, this would eliminate the SCP. If it continues to reset, you have a defective unit.

    No other devices but SCP?  If so, you do not have network power from this mppt. It is meant to have a Schneider/xantrex Inverter for network power!

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    Normally it retains the settings programed, done a shutdown on many occasions without it restoring to default. Personally I do the settings on the controller itself not via SCP or Combox, though I would think it would make no difference, EPROM's need to be commanded to change configuration. 

    The only thing I can speculate is the settings are being overwritten by another device, have you tried doing a power cycle on the MPPT as a stand alone device to eliminate outside influence?
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