Portable Universal Self-contained Heliostat-- PUSH (a swan song)

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So this is like my swan song perhaps.  It is an idea in the field of solar energy.   It is called PUSH (u as in universal), for portable universal self-contained heliostat.  It is definitely an esoteric subject to most people.  Perhaps some recall it from before.  


It’s basically a reduction of the solution to aiming a heliostat mirror to two simple tasks, given a certain configuration of parts.  


Whether the idea is novel is not important; it is not widely known or publicized, and it should be.  


I see them on poles lining roads, lighting or heating the darker sections, and concentrating sunlight on PV panels that are out of direct sunlight, to charge batteries for lighted signs and markers, etc.   Just one of hundreds of applications.   If solved in the way described, they can vary in size from marble size to a meter wide, at least.  


It is open source OS for the good of all, except the energy merchants that won’t want everyone to have this free access to energy.  But even they will benefit from this idea.  


It probably is truly universal, too.  Many must use this basic method to capture light from their stars, all over the galaxy, and beyond.  Why wouldn’t they?  We need to join the enLightened club.   Get it?


Anyway, I will resend an open letter from an anonymous source, about this open source concept soon.  I hope you will consider taking the opportunity to send it on to anyone you know who might be vaguely interested in the subject of solar energy or design or whatever.   Last year it reached someone in India who posted something supportive about it, including quotes; someone associated with a company that made adornments for elephants.  I never read the post, only the entry from a search; the article had been taken down by the time I saw that.


It’s a cool idea.  Not easy to see at first, but obvious upon being informed about it.   It’s basic technology.   A lot of people would know how to make a PUSH, not to mention corporations.   But the idea seems to have been absent from the field for a long time; and as far as I can tell, it can’t be patented, and there is no good reason why it is not public .    


I could be wrong.  It might be nothing of value at all.  


Still, I am requesting your indulgence again,  as I continue to promote the PUSH, hopefully not being too pushy in the process.  


It won't come as an attachment, to avoid suspicion as much as possible.  

I hope you will take the time to read it, especially the part about sending it on.

It's nothing like a chain letter, it's just a simple one-way information campaign.

To Whom It May Concern:

This is an open letter about an open source concept called PUSH, acronym for portable universal self-contained heliostat.

A heliostat continuously reflects sunlight towards a fixed target by using a mechanism that moves a mirror to compensate for the Earth’s motion.

Several methods have been employed to automatically control the mirror’s movement. The approach described here might simplify the task significantly.

PUSH configuration:

A flat 2-sided circular mirror, M, mounted on a 2-axis gimbal, rotates about the gimbal’s base axis, Ab, and cross axis, Ac.

Ab passes through the center of M and the center of the gimbal base. Ac passes through the center of M and is perpendicular to Ab.

The gimbal is affixed to the inside of a concentric transparent spheral shell.

Motors drive the motion of M, powered by solar energy and controlled by timers, light sensors and simple logic switches.

PUSH operation:

Ab is manually pointed at the target.

When direct sunlight is present, the sequence below occurs automatically and repeats periodically.

1. M rotates about Ab and stops when Ac is perpendicular to the Sun.

2. M then rotates about Ac, stopping when the reflected beam aligns with Ab.

Design details can vary, with safety and simplicity in mind.

Please consider passing this idea along, if you would be so kind.


Anonymous 2021



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    The problem with concentrated sunlight, even if the IR is filtered out, the remaining visible light is enough to boil the solar PV panel, unless it has active cooling.  Sadly the active cooling consumes most of the power the panel produces.

     This was widely researched and tested when PV was very expensive an mirrors were very cheap, now it's just easier to blanket something with PV panels.
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