Sol-Ark 12k vs. Schneider XW6848 Pro system any thoughts?

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Currently thinking about getting a Schneider Xw6848 Pro system (attached layout), but someone chatted me up about the Sol-Ark 12K system. The Sol-Ark is compact and not as material and install extensive, but I may need two in order to give me the power I would need.  I was wondering if there were any Sol-Ark 12K users out there to give me some pointers. 


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    Some of my installer buddies are using them. There have been issue with the systems becoming so imbalanced (split phase) that they shut down and you loose power. The Solar-Arc is tempting because of the price. The price is good because there is not the huge Toroid transformer that the low frequency XW has. I would wait a few years to see if they sort this out. A 15 amp circuit table saw shut down their inverter. There are you-tubes I was told. 
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    Dave, yeah we totally picked that up from a couple of videos we reviews on YouTube about the Sol-Ark 12K.  We even had a talked with a Tech/salesperson from Sol-Ark yesterday just to give us some apples to apples comparison to the Schneider arrangement.  We're not completely sold on the Sol-Ark due to the fact of the Invertor shutting down due to those higher loads at which are common for most households from time to time (table saw, Dryer, Vehicle charge, well pump, etc., etc.  It's nice that it’s compact and is an easy install, but ......... it seems like it Apples to Watermelons in comparison with the Schneider rig. The cost isn’t that much on an issue as well.  Thanks for your input.

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