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This forum has been amazing the last few months as I've planned my build. I've searched through it more times than I can count and it seems like the deeper I dig into electric the more confusing it gets - I was hoping those with a lot more experience may be willing to review my electric diagram and help me correct all the things wrong with it.

The solar input for the Kisae 1250 is maxed at 50voc, 30amp. I can't run the four in series as it would be 108v and I can't run in parallel as it would be 31.2amp. My understanding is that if I run a series-parallel configuration the combined load would be 43.2v (from connecting a pair in series) and 12.48 amps (the connecting those two pairs in parallel). That would give me 10AWG at 20 feet?

I'd really appreciate the help, thank you!


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    To clarify, the amp limit on the controller is likely the output current (at ~14v) going to the battery.  The input current will be lower.  Looking up DMT1250, it appears to be 50a output. 
    In the specs...
    Kisae Technology | DMT-1250 (kisaepower.com)
    ... the input isn't clear to me, as it says 10.5-32vdc, but 35v max for parallel pv input.  Either way, if this is right, any series connection would be too high. 
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    if possible, get a different controller that is more flexible.  50V input for a 50A controller is quite limiting, as you have found out.
    400W would get you 33 amps.  So a 30A controller would do the job.   Morningstar solar has a couple smallish controllers, and I think they are 75V input ( so you could do 2s2p inut from the panels )

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