Submersible solar pump timer

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Hi there. I have an off grid 1.1kw 230V submersible pump that is connected to 9 x 330W solar panels via a box containing a variable frequency inverter and a capacitor. What I am wanting to do is incorporate a timer to start and stop the pump. At the moment, when the sun comes up the pump runs. I have tried to add a geyser timer but this pops every time. The volts I measured coming out the inverter were above 2000 and about 1200V after the capacitor. My questions are...
Surely the 230V submersible pump should have blown?
How can I get a timer setup so that I can control the start / stop of the pump?



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    Welcome to the forum @ChrisKitson

    Is the pump a designated for solar kit or a DIY build, just for clarification and what is the timer needed for ?
    What is a geyser timer, assuminsg a water heater timer.

    The voltage being read by a meter most likely is eronious if not a true RMS type meter, the modified waveform generated by a frequency drive will confuse a non RMS type meter. Any other details, pictures or information would be helpful.

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