Enphase iQ8 Microinverters

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I was doing some research as we all seem to do these days and came across the Enphase iQ8 Microinverters and their specs and was just curious of everyone's thoughts of having the ability to use solar energy when the grid is down unlike traditional microinverters where they shut off. Are the iQ8's that advanced and would you need a battery bank to store the energy? Any details would be great along with whenever they will start selling these to the general public as I would like to use such a unit in our upcoming new construction build.


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    I will "bump" your discussion... It would be interesting to hear more about the IQ8 system from Enphase.

    It looks like the IQ8 has not been released yet in the US (late 2020, or first quarter of 2021--From what little I could find).

    What is it you are looking for in the IQ8 vs the standard hybrid solar power systems of today (generally a central hybrid inverter that does both GT and Off Grid support, and usually a backup Genset connection)?

    Because you want your basic power system to work for the next 10-20 years, and have spares+upgraded hardware available.

    Highly integrated/specialized equipment can be very hard to maintain/find replacement parts down the road--Even 5 years down the road for is a "long support life" for many modern electronics and computers (we talk about the "throw away" culture--But most companies/chip mfg/computer mfg, etc.) pretty much walk away from support past the 5 year life (and sometimes 10 year life for specific industries).

    If something breaks or needs replacement 5+ years down the road--It can require a whole forklift upgrade (inverters, combiners, battery bank, etc.)... It is really difficult to predict (as in solar panel companies--Finding replacements for a broken 5 year old panel can be very difficult, and lots of solar panel mfg. have gone bankrupt or gotten out of the business).

    The standard "Hybrid GT/Off Grid" system components can be much easier to source over time... Lead Acid batteries, anything in the last 100 years can work. Hybrid inverters and solar charge controllers are not "that expensive". Choose Li Ion--You can build a bank with BMS yourself, or find several vendors that can integrate with existing systems (like the Schneider product line).

    When you go Off Grid--You are your own power company. You are responsible for ongoing service/repairs/part replacements/upgrades.

    If you are somebody that likes to be at the "bleeding edge" of technology--That is great. Those customers got us flat screen TVs, DVRs, etc... And there are those of us that waited until the tech was more available and no longer had cost premiums (those cheap guys like me).

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    Enphase has been pushing back release for a while now. I think They demonstrated it during a Renewable energy show in 2018 suggesting it would be released in first quarter of 2019. They demonstrated it as a code compliant, seamless backup to solar only in demonstration, I understand where it's been release (Australia?) and when it's released here it will only sell with a battery bank. Lots of hearsay, but I was a little interested in it as many people have that desire...
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