Temperature sensor reading sharing

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My Schneider sw4048 inverter has a temperature sensor and it reads fine. I just added a Schneider 60 150 mppt charge controller that has no temperature sensor. They are both daisy chained together and I thought that they would exchange temperature data but it looks like they dont. Is there a parameter on either or both that would make temperature sharing possible? 


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    The network shares data of one sensor with all devices. Even if it is missing on one device it is being shared. It is a mistake to use more than one sensor as "undefined behavior" can result. This is in the manual BTW.
     You can measure the offset with a voltmeter and temperature reading to prove that it is working.
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  • latinhawklatinhawk Registered Users Posts: 36 ✭✭
    Thanks. My worry came from the temperature reading not being listed on the controller side.
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