Schneider Gateway important firmware update 1.07

Version 1.07 is out. This version adds a very important feature that should be added if you are doing firmware. Many do not need to especially offgrid. This one you should do!

1.07 adds a bootloader function that will allow one to recover without Schneider Support, to recover a "bricked" device such as the XW. This can happen if the modem is powered by the XW during firmware upgrade. The loss of power during firmware can not happen!  If it does, you get a second chance for having power tonight ;)  Never do firmware offgrid at night BTW  :'(

There also will be another firmware upgrade in a few weeks.

A discussion of a new 100 amp MPPT for 600 vdc and when was hinted at. Crossing my fingers for dual mppt for virtual tracking

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