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Hi all, I have a generator question for anyone that might give me some suggestions.  I have a Kohler 12RES standby that is slowly dying.  Do not like the Generac's at all, so question, has anyone used either the GE smart switch ready or the Cummins Onan dual fuel ATS ready generators with the Schneider AGS module.  I have it as well as the 6848 xw+, midnite 150 charge controller, 18 300 Watt Trina panels and Midnite solar combiner.  Thanks.  Also, 2 banks of 430 ah crown FLA's  Thanks again, just looking to see what everyone's thoughts are, I personally like the idea of gas or LP, so that I can limit Propane use from my big tank.  


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    Just wanted to clarify my question above.  Is anyone using a portable dual fuel with the Schneider AGS to start and stop it.  I am not necessarily using the Automatic feature yet as I want to monitor when it starts and does not start (would be nice to have it set up once I know the system is functioning) but mainly right now using the Manual on and Manual off to start my dying Kohler 12RES.  Just wanting to see if anyone is doing something with these larger portables that might be a good fit.  Having a hard time spending 3,000 to 4,500 on a genset that would be overkill and then paying a service tech another 3,000 to install when I can do this myself.  Thanks for any input or suggestions.
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    That's why I have hand crank, 6hp. 1,600lb of iron and flywheels

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    Assuming your battery bank wants a 1/10C charging rate, that works out to be ~85-86amps at 50 something volts.  That works out to be about 4200W.  Assuming you want a comfortable margin, you could get by with a portable 7500-8000W generator.  For my own system, I just mounted a 240V socket in the wall next to the inverter so I could run a 4-prong 240V plug/cable from the generator to the wall.  The socket wiring runs through the wall two feet to connect to the AC2 terminals of the XW+. 
    You'll need a combox or SPC to control the amperage.  The default is set to 140Amps.  85amps works out to be 60% of 140Amps, so you set the max setting to 60%.  The XW+ may not "qualify" that much power from the generator, depending on how clean it it.  What will work is it you start at a lower amperage setting, say 30%, and gradually inch your way up to 60%, seeing what's the maximum your generator will put out that the XW+ accepts.
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    Hi all, thanks for the responses.  I know the size generator I am looking for but my question is has anyone used the Westinghouse or Onan Cummins dual fuel generators with the Schneider AGS module.  They have the ATS port on them for this functionality but have not heard of anyone utilizing it.
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