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Bought a wind turbine off of ebay, seller hasn't responded, the wind turbine is a 12v 1200watt with only red wiring. How do I tell them apart. Had my cousin use his voltameter on them to see what's what but they all come up with negative numbers. No matter how fast it spins. They are different lengths, and all smooth. But I don't want to assume and ruin my turbine and the instructions don't have anything to do with the wiring just how to put together the wings and cone. 


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    What scale were you using on the meter, AC or DC? , the output is likely 3 phase AC, hense all wires being the same color, a rectifier is needed to to convert the variable voltage and frequency to DC, then a MPPT controller is used to regulate the voltage if charging a battery. There also needs to be a way to prevent over speeding when there is no load, such as a dump load of brake, it's more complicated than simply hooking it up directly to a load. 
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    In general, there is no difference between the 3 wires from your wind turbine.

    Here is a short video that shows a 3 phase rectifier and how to connect to a wind turbine (3 phase output):

    Here is a 3 phase wiring diagram and what is in the rectifier block:

    This is just the rectifier, there are a lot of other components and considerations that need to be planned out before you start.

    Do you have a wind charge controller of some sort with the turbine? The rectifier can be separate or part of a wind turbine controller. Do you have slip ring to bring current from the turbine and down the tower/pole?...

    Personally, I am not a fan of small wind... Make sure you have made a paper plan of all the electrical (and tower) supplies you will need, and that they all work together. Small wind turbines rarely generate their "rated power" except in storm conditions. Make sure you include the costs of concrete and rebar (if needed for your tower), and an other labor/equipment (digging foundation, crane/lift truck, etc.). Generally, the wind turbine itself is the "cheap part" of a wind installation.

    They need to be away from obstructions, and well above them too. And the wind turbines themselves should be away from place people live and play (homes, yards) because things sometimes fail (blade break, yaw bearings fail, turbines can fall).

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    It says the recitifier controller, is also an mppt charge controller all in one
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    Then, three wires in should be it. And two wires out for battery bank. May be others, such as a remote battery temperature sensor, chassis ground connection, etc.

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