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HI everyone would someone be able to point me in the right direction on a solar setup im started for my garden bar and garage. Im now more confused than ever after reading more and more on what is possible. I have a MPPT 3000w 80a 500vdc max input and 24 volt battery 300ah lithium. Im hoping some can tell me the best way to wire and fuse the panels. They are 4x 350w 10a 40v panels but i need to connect them in parallel due to shading 2 facing south 1 east 1 west.
Total combined amps is 40a in parallel which everything i have read is too much for standard combiners as i understand it it would have to be 40a fuse per panel input. What would be the best way to connect the panels and fuse them with combiner box/dc breaker . Would it be two separate parallel strings 2 panels 20a feeding into a combined fuse box and 60 amp out or is there a much better way to achieve this, cable run from panels to mppt is 15ft max. 
Hoping you can help bit confused on this one what is the best way to achieve this any help would be greatly appreciated..


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    See this post  -
     I have pretty much covered it there.  Check your PV Panels for the proper size fuse/breakers they require (15A as a wild guess)

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    Thanks for the quick reply sorry  forgot to include it they are 20a max fused rated . This is were im struggling as they are all 15a rated on the combiner boxes i could use two strings in series but i think the partial shading later on in the day will kill it. Any suggestions on this .
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