Inverters not selling to grid

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I have a system consisting of (3) XW 6048 inverters, (4) MPPT 60 Solar Charge Controllers with a 13.7 kw Solar Array and a 600AH Gel battery bank. Sometimes during high sunlight mostly during midday, at least two of the inverters go into absorption mode and do not sell any electricity to the grid whatsoever, after a while they go into absorption exit mode and later into AC good mode and start selling back to the grid, this will take a long time before the two inverters will sell back. I am missing a lot of delivering power back to the grid.
How can I avoid this issue?


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    Any faults or warnings on mppt's? There is a log for these!  The inverters/chargers should not be going into absorb as the mppts are charging. Sounds like a programming/configuration issue.
    The more you can describe the better the answers can be.  Where are you, when did this start. Did it ever work?
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