48 Volt Panel Wiring

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I recently converted from 24 to 48 volts. When i converted, I had 10 panels.  Thanks to the wind storm and a tree, I’m down to 6. 

4-265 watt panels and 2- 250s

my bank is 8 487 Amp surretts connected to a power flex 80 with an aims inverter charger

its gonna take me about 10 days to get more panels in.  What would be a good configuration with the panels I have left?

my run is about 80 feet and I’m using 6awg to CC


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    What is the Voc/Vmp/Imp of your panels?

    What is your present minimum ambient temperature?

    For a 48 volt battery bank, you want a minimum Vmp-array voltage of ~72 volts (standard conditions... And ideally around 100 VDC (again nominal). In warmer climates, you can get away with higher Vmp-array-std voltages.

    Vmp (and Voc) falls temperatures rise. And your array voltages rise as voltages fall.

    You probably are looking at 3x panels in series times 2 parallel strings (Vmp~30 volts, 3x 30 volts = 90 Volts Vmp-array-std). If your Vmp-std is different...

    There is a good chance that if your 265 and 250 Watt panels have reasonably "close" Vmp and Imp (10% difference or less... I.e., 30 volts for one, 33 to 27 volts Vmp for the other, etc.) they are close enough to connect in series parallel.

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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    It’s in the low 20s at night and hitting 50 during day. I live at 4000 feet so it rarely gets above 80 here

    250 36.9 VOC 29.8 VMP 8.39 IMP
    265 38.3           31            8.55
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