Conext SW 4024 Odd Error / Fault Question

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This morning at 7am with no warning, my house went dark.  Odd because I have a grid interactive hybrid system using a Conext SW 4024, so even if grid power is lost (which it was not),  I should not loose power.

  • The Inverter IS connected to the Grid but does NOT back feed to the grid
  • I had power coming in from the grid,  but the inverter went into a Fault so my house had no power for the circuits passing thru the inverter
  • I had Load Shaving on but my load was so low it was not even "shaving"
  • Batteries were at 95% charged
  • The sun was not up yet.

But I got this fault and the whole house went dark as the inverter shut down
Time: Time Stamp Unavialble
ID: 55
Fault Name: EEPROM Error
What is that?    Why did the Inverter return this error code?   Is it a random thing,  or something that is "Dying" in the inverter?   Dangerous?
I cleared the code and the inverter is back up and running.
Thanks in advance
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    Eraseable Programmable Read Only Memory  (EPROM) The settings are stored on an EPROM chip, there may be a conflict between settings or something occurred out of sequence, the inverter is self protecting by shutting down It's unlikely that it is a sign of demise, nor is it dangerous, IMHO.  
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    Found this in the owners guide manual, Troubleshooting page 5-8 table 5-3

    A problem has been detected with the internal memory.Clear the fault and check the latest configuration made or any recent configurations. If fault detection reoccurs or occurs frequently, service is required.

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    Mike, in an XW F55 is a rare fault condition that is usually attributed to a sudden loss of DC, i.e. tripping the DC breaker. 
    Another known cause is AC interference caused by routing Xanbus cables near AC conductors. Make sure all equipment is properly grounded 
    and route the Xanbus cables thru the shielded raceway at the bottom of the conduit box.  F55 indicates a data corruption in the user configuration that has caused the inverter to return to factory defaults.

    I would not worry about it until it does something more identifiable. I know this is a CSW but it is similar in nature. So if you are sure the known causes above are good, you can just add a glitch from the grid. The only time I have ever seen these is in large gensets with master slave inverters and loads that trigger the second inverter.
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