how to connect these solar panels for solar pump?

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Hi every one,

we have this pump and we need to know how to connect the panels (350 watt panels) as per the attachments.
Power max. 1,8 kW
Input voltage max. 200 V
Optimum Vmp** > 102 V
Motor current max. 14 A

Max power (W): 350
open circuit voltage voc(V): 48.2 
short circuit voltage isc(A): 9.66 
Voltage at Pmax vmp(V):  39.3
Current at Pmax imp(A): 8.91
Module efficiency -nm(%): 18.1


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    Welcome to the forum Ayman,

    Can you tell us a bit more about the pump motor?

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    If I am reading your pump specs properly (1.8KW/ 102-200v(dc?) 14 amps,  you said described PV is not likely to drive that pump by themselves.  The PV themselves, wired in series would only put out something like ~100-120 vdc at ~8 amps.  You have 1.8 kw of load, while only having ~1050watts of pv.  Under the BEST circumstances that PV might put out ~800 watts, leaving you 1kw short...unless I am not understating your specs properly.

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    Most solar pumps will simply run at reduced output when there is less than rated watts (eg, 3 panels in series).  But more info is needed.

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