Imports from China / Tariffs

drew777x Registered Users Posts: 1
Anybody imported from China recently for personal use?  I believe orders under 2500 in value should be tariff free.  Want to check with the solar community before pulling the trigger.  Thanks!


  • PNW_Steve
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    I am interested as well. 

    I have made a few purchases from China with no issues and no tariffs.  All of them under $100.
  • Dave Angelini
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    Just the E-bay stuff. Buy 2 as one might not work.....You would be pretty crazy to make a large purchase when there are so many other options.
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  • Estragon
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    AFAIK, the "de minimus" amount (free of taxes and duties) for the US is $800.

    My understanding is anything above that could/would be subject to duties and taxes, the amount of which would depend on the customs classification and country of origin.  Figuring that out probably isn't a wise DIY project.
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