Lost Signal

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Signal coming out the inverter through the green wire(CAT5), towards the Hub, I lost it.
Cannot program the Outback inverter(FXR3048A) with the Mate3s. 
Try to connect the inverter directly to the Mate3s, and do nothing.
Need help, please.


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    Does the mate power up at all when connected to the hub and/or inverter? 

    Did the hub port light come on when you plugged the inverter into the hub? 

    Have you cold booted (power cycled) the inverter, and if so did it appear to go through the power-on self test normally?

    Absent these answers,  a couple of things I'd do; first check all the jacks and plugs for any signs of corrosion and/or debris, and then try another ethernet cable (IIRC there's nothing really special about the green Outback ones, any cat5 or better should work).
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    Try entering the password, then go to the network settings menu and see if the Mate3s has an IP address assigned. If it has one, try entering that IP address in the browser URL of a network connected PC. The Mate3s web page should come up if it's talking to the network.

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