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There has always been much discussion on grounding small systems. For homes on the prairie and in areas with frequent lightning
its good to have a lightning arrester, but they are expensive and not everyone has them. Especially with small 1-2 panel systems.And there is no guarantee of an arrester saving all your gear.
In a home with good wiring /quality appliances etc there is little chance of the ground system actually being in use. But there might be more chance of lightning
hitting a few hundred ft away( monthly) and going up the ground wire towards the controller etc.In a situation like that someone might decide that its better to not connect the ground system.What do you think of that??


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    I think they are free to do what they want. It is their money and they will have to add it all up one day. I have never seen this to work as the system grows. If they can afford to grow the system they can afford to protect it. Kind of like any insurance.
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    Even with the worlds best protection system, if any part of it gets a direct strike, the locally induced currents will fry most things.  Lightning has such a massive amount of power, it just clears a path for itself for thousands of feet, 5 feet or 20 feet, is not much deterrent.
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