Fault Reseting Morningstar TriStar MPPT-45

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I looked back to a thread in 2011 about resetting the TriStar MPPT-45 and it seems that the way to do it is 1) disconnect panel input (or wait for night), 2) disconnect postitive battery connection rendering the controller electrically isolated.  OK, I did that. And when the positive was reconnected the remote meter was cleared of it's fault message.  Got it.

Because of the physical confines of our installation the above is difficult.  This installation is on a sailboat.  The controller and wires are difficult to access.  We have two panels mounted horizontally and two mounted on side rails which we remove during hurricane preparations. When the two panels are disconnected the TriStar goes to fault.  Reconnecting the panels does not clear the fault.  This necessitates the above procedure. 

Is there a simpler way to be able to remove two of four panels, reconnect panels and avoid the above?


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    Do you have any DC breakers on the string(s). How are the panels wired? All in series? Two strings? All parallel? This could make a difference. If you by chance the panels are series wired in two strings or all parallel wired you should be able to have the strings come into a small combiner box with DC breakers, allowing you to switch off the rail mounted panels before pulling. No guarantee this will stop the fault condition from happening but it might. Having the ability to shut down separate strings is a convenient way to test and troubleshoot your system anyway.

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    Are all the panels in series or series parallel ? What panels are being used, VMP in particular ? What is the nominal battery voltage? Sorry details are important. 
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