Melted truck wires knocked out a turn signal.

Looks like the turn signal loss is related to the melting of the aftermarket wiring on the truck. The public utility had a powered roof antennae installed. They just snipped it off and caulked it prior to sale.

I put more caulk on it prior to the wires melting. Since the turn signal bulb looks OK and a pretty similar bulb also fails to work - have to suspect the power supply. Should have put a voltmeter on it while I had it dissasembled. Working on 15 projects right now it seems. 

Shouldn't be Mission Impossible to find if the melted wire was the culprit. Also seems they should have done more than simply snip off the roof antennae prior to the sale. I did not know I had hot wires that were not properly terminated. Since removed by me of course. 
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