Setup of Magnum MS4024-PAE

I have two banks of 4 S-550 batteries charged with 12 x 300 watt panels and two MidNite Classic 150 charge controllers. It was designed around a MS4024 to run a well pump during daytime for irrigation and a camper full time. Now 240VAC is available and hooked up to the inverter. Irrigation will now be done at night for better water use. Battery capacity is about right, if fully charged in the evening. If for some reason batteries run down to the critical voltage of 50% charge, the MS4024 switches to AC pass-through mode. I set this voltage with the remote. My problem is I could not find a setting to automatically switch from pass through mode to inverter mode when the battery is loading after sunrise and reaching a given voltage or charging level. Anyone has an idea to help?


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    I think I would contact Magnum and ask them. I thought there was a recover voltage setpoint, but am not sure.

    I guess you have restrictions on the mount of water you can use? I would sure rather use the 'free' electric when the batteries are full in the afternoon, so the batteries aren't drained and stay at a higher State of Charge. A higher average SOC will make for a longer battery life.
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    Before I get my XW+ inverter, I used to use the Magnum 4448PAE timer to take in the A/C to service the night time load. From 8 pm to 6 am. May be you can set your time to suit your need to prevent the battery from draining too far and return to solar when sun  comes out in the morning. Or you can use the low battery cut off to cut off the load when it reach the desire DOC, when the battery get charge in the morning the inverter will comes on again.

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