Is upcoming 5G a viable threat?



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    Talking about vaccinations and such... First has anybody thought through the long term implications to our human genome of "saving" a child/baby/or adult from a fatal disease/genetic issue , say LIFE.... well in my mind they have only extended that life, nor saved it...

    So in point form as it is easier to write and keep things more concise.
    1. I just turned 70 and from my Scandinavian heritage was raised on lots of milk, nutter and cheeses, heavy rye breads, some fish but mostly red meat and pork and chicken and eggs.... My staple breakfast was cold cereal and milk.
    2 . 6 years ago I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.
    3.  5 years ago I had a bypass surgery, no heart attack, for 2 arteries that were 95+% blocked.
    4. Cut back on Milk fats to 2% partly skimmed milk, scant amounts of butter, skinless chicken and 3 bacon strips once a month, 6 oz.of meat max, etc... 
    4a.THE cook also added into the food plan more beans and veggies daily and gravy disappeared
    5. late last year I came upon a Brain Researcher in Hawaii and he mentioned in a video that he has noted that people with  Dementia and Alzheimer had Lewey Bodies in their brains a mis-folded protein that resembled a milk protein (mis-folded again) that was thought to be caused during the BUTTER FAT skimming process.and that may be implicated in PARKINSON'S...
    6. I went cold turkey with the milk and within 24 hours I no longer was plagued with a ''foggy brain'' where one can not do complex problem solving or multi-tasking.
    7. Peanut butter and/or once a week helps with micro nutrients as well as a bowl of Miso soup ( fermented soy product).

    I am not saying that Skimming butter fats off milk is the whole answer but that there are so called benign components in our diet (because of how our foods are processed now), that can, depending on your disease(s) and your specific genome, that can  now bring out a previously undetected sensitivity or alergy.

    Hope this makes sense, with all the unseen things that are done to our foods that is not what it used to be it is amasing that we are still here...

    One other facor with regards to milk is the  homogenization process, which makes the fat molicules smaller in order to keep it in suspension, this in turn makes it easier to be absorbed into the blood stream, so homogenized milk has become a processed food. Goat milk is naturally homogenized, supposedly better, soy milk and almond milk, though not technically milk, are an excellent substitute, particularly the unsweetened type, which is often sweetened with white sugar, another processed poison, however I digress.
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    Up here in the interior we are lucky to get Avalon Dairies Organic milk in the old glass bottles, in several forms, WHOLE with the big glob of fat in the neck of the bottle, then the 1%, 2% and Homogenized.... last purchase my wife had to take a bottle of Homo and I noted that I was a bit 'dull' when trying to think through all the bits I needed here at the Cabin... needless to say I forgot a few bits, head in for grits and other supplies .... I am thinking something similar happens to the proteins  in the homogenizing process as in the skimming processes .....Hmmm  both mechanical there is beating up the butter fat, quite well possible. Thanks for the comment, will pass it on. 
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