NPP batteries

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Does anyone have experience with NPP batteries? They seem well certified and a few pounds heavier than most of the Chinese rebrands. Come with a two year warranty as well. 


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    Are these the batteries?

    I am not sure--Some (at least, if not all) are GEL batteries which tend to not be great for off grid solar use... Typically we want to charge a daily use off grid power system at 10% to 13%+ current (100 AH battery * 10% rate of charge = 10 amp charging current).

    GEL batteries typically want 5% or a bit less maximum or charging current. High charging current can damage them. Their GEL batteries are designed for float operation (UPS/Emergency backup power).

    Even the "deep cycle" batteries are recommended for shallow cycling. Their deep cycle rating is not that great.

    If this was a weekend cabin or RV, they will probably be OK (not that many cycles a year--Just vacation or weekend use).

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    This was my concern as well. Although they do offer many non-gel, the fact that they are sold as suitable for UPS, Telecom, solar, wheelchair, paperweights, etc leads me to believe they are not true deep cycle. A quick glance at the data sheet shows they are rated to about 1300 cycles at 30% DOD. The 200ah "deep cycle" agms are rated to .3C (60a max) so yah not great I guess. The plus side is I could probably burn through them before the two year warranty is up 😋
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    Have you priced Concord?  My brother had them in the plane on the left side of this web-page. Made in California.
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