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    This appears to be a convenience product, an all-inclusive power supply with a 24V nominal 40Ah lifepo4 battery, it is a stand alone power supply with 230V outlets and USB charging.  The battery is part of the unit so it couldn't be used as a stand alone battery without partially dismantling, which would void any warranty. The price is extremely high if all that's needed is a battery, for approximately 40% off the cost  a DIY bank could be built with 2.6KwH nominal capacity, as opposed to 0.960Kwh, granted there would be no inverter or charge controller included, but those could be purchased separately and still be way under the asking price.
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    Second system 1890W  3 × 300W No name brand poly, 3×330 Sunsolar Poly panels, Morningstar TS 60 PWM controller, no name 2000W inverter 400Ah LFP 24V nominal battery with Daly BMS, used for water pumping and day time air conditioning.  
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    Thanks for your comments-I thought something was wrong when I couldn't get enough info about it.
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