Slip Rings. Necessary or no?

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Title says it all. How necessary do you consider a slip ring? 


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    Slip rings require maintenance and do fail over time (exposed to weather at top of tower... is time 1-5 years???).

    A common alternative is to use a slack outdoor rated cord from turbine to base. With a plug set at the base.

    On average, a turbine should yaw left and right equally. And after 6-12 months, you unplug and unwind the cord, if needed. 

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    I've wondered the same, is it necessary that it turn 360? couldn't you just put a stop peg and keep it from spinning completely? Might slam into it from time to time though.
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    Adding a peg will make the Wind Turbine less efficient, whenever the tail is pinned against the peg and cannot point the rotor shaft directly into the wind. Cost Justifying a Wind Turbine can be difficult, making it less effective on purpose, makes no sense ...
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    A stop peg would be a very bad idea, both because of slamming into it when the wind changes, and the inability to rotate toward the best wind.
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    Title says it all. How necessary do you consider a slip ring? 
    What is ...
    a) The Make & Model # ?
    b) The diameter of the rotor ?
    c) The rated watts and at what wind speed ?

    It is difficult to justify the cost of a good set of slip rings, for a small wind turbine that generates less than 500 watts. 
    There are a lot poor quality slip rings, that will cause you too many headaches.
    So, what happens when the Slip Rings "fails open", does your wind turbine furl or spin out of control, in a high wind?
    The electrical cord must be UV RATED, if it is exposed to sunlight.
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