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If you have more power then you need during the day and you could figure a way to get a water tank about 30'up, then something like this might work. It fills up during the day and sometime at night you turn it on to run your fridge or whatever. The Electric Co here does it on a bigger scale when the Grid is full so why not us. This is just a few Items off the web that I put together to create a concept, not a working model  BG


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    In theroy it would work, but what works in large scale stored hydro systems doesn't necessarily work on a small scale, this article describes in more detail https://newenergyandfuel.com/http:/newenergyandfuel/com/2016/10/27/can-pumped-hydro-systems-work-at-small-scale/
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    Most people don't have a mountain behind their house for gravity flow so something like this might be a combo to bump the pressure up. This would cause more output on the generators. Yes the article also described using pressure,