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On about the 1st of May a lighting storm came through. I'm off grid and my Scheider context sw 4024 quit working. It shows fault F1 AC Output Under Voltage. Can this be fixed or do I need to start shopping for a new inverter? Tried to contact Scheider by phone but I guess they have a new policy of only doing e-mail for resident customers. Still haven't heard anything. Any help would be appreciated.


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    I am not the expert here on this stuff... Suggestions.

    If this is your main/only source of power, buying a second (new or used) inverter to get up and running--And review your use of surge suppressors on both AC and DC side of your power system. As well as lightning grounding (a pretty complex subject in itself).

    Then look at repairing the broken unit and keeping it as a spare.

    In general, losing the AC Inverter output is probably the most common result of a nearby lightning strike.

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    Did you fill out the e-mail request? If so they will respond. Do you still have warranty? The CSW can tell if it was destroyed by lightning and as Bill said you best get a spare.
    General stuff adding on to Bill, do you you have surge protection installed on DC in from array, the 24V buss, your Ac loads?

    I hate it when this happens.....Good Luck!

    Oh yea, what have you tried doing? Remove DC from solar and inverter for a couple minutes and restart? Your AC loads could have been damaged, try running with load panel off?
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    I did make a request to Schneider. But do like the idea of getting a new one and having a spare. Living off grid it’s good to have spares. Thanks for your feedback.
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    Having lost both an inverter and charge controller to lightning in the past I learned the importance of surge protection devices, SPD. The clamping voltage of  the SPD's is important  when selecting what is to be used, install ones with a voltage close to but above operating voltage, example on the DC side I used 175V for my MPPT and 75V for PWM. Same goes for the AC side, for 230V output of the inverter I used 255V, this will be th UC voltage value of the device.

    Since installation of the correct SPD's I've lost two of them, both DC but the equipment survived, the cost of which was a fraction of the devices protected, proper installation is important, as is location, disconnecting during a storm is another safeguard but not always possible.
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