Where does the MagaSine inverter store its settings?

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I recently installed a MagnaSine 4048 inverter for a friend. I used my ME-ARC controller to configure the inverter, specifically to set the percentage of charge current for the generator to 50% as my friend's generator can only output that much without bogging down and stalling. When my controller was plugged in to the inverter, the generator would run fine, charging at 50% output. However, when I unplugged my controller, the generator would bog down and stall, indicating that the inverter was drawing more than 50%.

So, this leaves me to believe that the settings are stored in the controller and not the 4048 inverter. To further that belief, when I returned the controller back to my MagnaSine 4024 inverter and I started my generator to test, I found that my inverter was now set to charge at 50%, which was not what I originally set the percentage to.

Am I just making bogus observations or are the settings actually stored in the controller and not stored in the inverter?


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    MagnaSine manual states that settings entered with the remote are stored in the inverter, they are lost when power is removed from the inverter, that's how my MS4024AE works, borrowed a remote

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    I forgot to add that If the remote is plugged in its settings override the stored settings, there is something wrong with the new install, it should have stored the value in memory. I'm using my MagnaSine with no remote at the moment.

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    I vaguely remember something about changing a setting and it works until you exit the menu but does not get permanently stored until you do some other thing.

    Or is that a different brand?

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    i seem to remember that to, but I forgot how to save the value,

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    I just checked my manual, rotate the radio knob to desired setting, push radio knob in to save that setting, it's hidden way down in the manual.

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    Thanks, Now that I have a MS4024 w/remote precious information!

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